Vermax Group Inc. Client Feature

How this national food distribution company went from understaffed to full-capacity 

The challenge

A renowned Canadian food distribution company partnered with Vermax Group Inc. to quickly resolve a critical labour shortage. Our international recruitment team launched an international recruitment campaign to hire skilled foreign workers to help immediately get their business back on track.

Approach: Do it right the first time

Our recruitment experts made sure they had all the facts about the business environment and the company’s needs prior to any recruiting. Our team spent time shadowing the positions with the greatest staffing shortages. They did this to have a better understanding of the work needed to better match employees for these positions. 

Solution: An international recruitment campaign

After gaining a better understanding of the skills and the experience required to fill vacant roles within the company, it was time to find candidates! We successfully developed and launched an international recruitment campaign, bringing temporary foreign workers  and providing our client with the staff they required to continue operating at full capacity. 

Get your operations back to running faster

Our client has since minimized future downtime and continues to work with our recruitment team to maintain adequate staffing levels. As a result of our efforts, many of the temporary foreign workers who have been brought to Canada for this employer have gained permanent residency and ongoing employment.

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