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An entrepreneur’s immigration journey to Canada  

The challenge

A prominent businessman was seeking immigration to Canada as his country was facing an imminent civil war. He previously attempted to emigrate unsuccessfully, investing a great deal of money under the counsel of an immigration consultant who instead sold him an elaborate business scheme.

Finding a better way

Our immigration consultants approached this case with compassion and urgency. In an effort to help the client quickly move his family to Canada, we re-assessed his immigration eligibility and developed a simple, cost-effective strategy.

Offering support and reassurance

Because this client had a negative experience with immigration consultants in the past, he was skeptical of Vermax Group Inc.'s ability to succeed. Our team provided him with support and reassurance throughout the entire process. We committed ourselves to working with his and his family’s best interests at heart.

A successful immigration story

With Vermax Group Inc.'s consultants in his corner, this client was able to immigrate to Canada successfully and affordably. He and his family are now living comfortably in Canada. Today, the client is a successful Canadian business owner, operating a business that employs more than 10 Canadians.

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From risk and uncertainty to success in Canada

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