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The challenge

A Canadian green tech company making advancements in the fight against climate change approached Vermax Group Inc. for immigration support. This company hoped to obtain work permits for an internationally renowned scientist. However, a prior conviction that this person had received many years ago rendered them inadmissible to Canada.

After several consultations with major law firms that were unwilling to handle this case, the company put their trust in Vermax.

Fighting for what’s right

Our recruitment experts understood the urgency surrounding climate change and the importance of succeeding at obtaining a work permit for this individual. We worked tirelessly to advocate on their behalf and secure the necessary documentation.

Doing it right the first time

While gaining admission to Canada with criminal convictions is complicated, exceptions can be made if the circumstances are right. In this case, our client required this scientist’s expertise to assist them in developing a major innovation that would positively affect future climate change.

In presenting this case to the Canadian government, our team made an impactful argument, highlighting the importance of this individual’s expertise and skill. Government officials agreed to make an exception in our client’s case and promptly granted the necessary work permits for this candidate to join their team.

Delivering results in labour immigration

Relying on Vermax Group Inc.'s expertise meant that our client was able to successfully hire the candidate they needed. As a result, this company and the individual they hired are able to work together to fight climate change in Canada. 

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